Medial spiritual healing

Since 2014, my path has brought me into contact with healing forces, which I gladly pass on to my clients as a mediator between heaven and earth. Again and again I am impressed how much healing can happen through one session, how much insight can be gained through it.I am full of devotion and gratitude to be allowed to practice this activity.


To heal or to be healed comes from the word heil, and means to become whole, healthy, pardoned. (WIKIPEDIA)

In a healing session/impulse, the medium connects with healing energies orhigher vibrations from the spiritual world and passes them on to their clients. The medium is a mediator between the energies of higher vibrating beings and the client. In the body and mind of the client, the impulse brings their own energies back into balance and equilibrium. Through the contact with the higher vibration, the process of self-healing is stimulated. Clients feel, among other things, more relaxed, lighter, happier, clearer after a session and many of the physical symptoms are reduced or completely gone. Regular healing sessions not only support physical healing processes, but are also an effective support to mental clarity and self-knowledge.The client does not need to do anything but relax and absorb the healing energy.Important to know: In a healing session always happens what is important and right for the client at the moment.


Introductory talk: In a short conversation we get to know each other and I
learn about your needs and wishes regarding the session.
Healing session: This takes place as described above, either sitting or lying down, depending on your wishes.
Debriefing: After the healing session, I check on how you are feeling and we talk about any experiences you may have had during the session.During the session, as a medium, I often get deeper insights or clues about what is causing the imbalance and energetic blockages in you and discuss these with you. This discussion concludes the session.


I regularly attend courses and supervisions to further my education in this field and to have my abilities objectively observed by third parties.

2015-2016 Annual training "Mediality-Healing" with Susanne Schiesser, Frauenfeld
2017-2018 Intensive training "Mediality/Spiritual Healing" with b.wusst, Lisa Maria & Arthur Meierhofer, Winterthur
2020-2022 Basic training "Soul Language: Mediumship and Spirituality" with Rico Crudeli, Zurich
2021 Workshop "Mediumship and Spiritual Development", Arthur Findlay College, England
2021 Workshop "The Natural Medium", with John Johnsson, Bern
2020-2023 Regular participation in circles with Rico Crudeli, Zurich

Type Time Cost
Initial telephone consultation - -
Healing/Mediality 60 min. CHF 140.-
90 min. CHF 200.-
120 min. CHF 260.-
Clients abroad by arrangement