Meditation individual

In a hectic time with many demands on our lives, many people feel a deep desire for a daily island of rest and regeneration, peace and an inner home.

In order to develop in this direction, we are often bound to meditation courses that do not suit us in terms of time frame or due to group dynamics, and so the island remains a long way off.

To make regular meditation a realistic project within reach, I offer customized meditation classes.

Time framework

The classes take place when you have time and to the extent of your possibilities.


In my practice or by appointment.


The content of the classes is based on your area of interest and in furthering your meditation skills. I always combine meditation with the basic principles of yoga, breathing and mindful body awareness.


I am also happy to teach you during a whole deepening day, where you can gain more experience and clarify your questions under my guidance. These days also offer the opportunity to work through biographical issues or other inner processes through writing or other methods.


Do you feel the need to retreat for some time into a retreat of silence and meditation? I would be happy to guide and accompany you.

Note on an ongoing retreat accompaniment at the Milarepa CenterSchneverdingen (Germany)

In the three-year retreat at the Milarepa Center, I work primarily as a retreat facilitator, where I support and guide retreaters in their practice with my own retreat experience and many years of experience as a facilitator in this field. Depending on the situation or emerging experience, I use different methods of talk or writing therapy to support the practitioners. As a Drubpön of the Drikung Khagyu Lineage, I am equally familiar with the content of their practice and can also guide them on a philosophical and dharma level.


Sfr. 60.- per lesson plus travel time.

For clients from abroad: prices by arrangement.