Retreat facilitator at the Milarepa Center Schneverdingen (Germany)

In the three-year retreat at Milarepa Center, Drubpön Ingrid works primarily as a retreat facilitator, using her own retreat experience and many years ofexperience as a facilitator in this field to support and guide retreaters in theirpractice. Depending on the situation or emerging experience, she uses different methods of talk or writing therapy to support the practitioners. As a Drubpön of the Drikung Khagyüd lineage, she is also familiar with the contents of their practice and can guide them on a philosophical and Dharma level.

Support work in the "Tageszentrum & Atelier Tapetenwechsel" in Frauenfeld

One day a week I work in the Tapetenwechsel in Frauenfeld. In this day center we offer our guests the possibility of a daily structure with encounters, variety, creativity and a lot of fun to brighten up their everyday life. The institution also serves to relieve the burden on relatives who care for and nurse their partners or other family members at home. Working in this team gives me a lot of pleasure and variety.