End-of-life care - Funeral rituals - Bereavement counseling

You or your loved ones would like someone to prepare you empathetically for the dying process and death in advance. Someone who will accompany you during the dying process and at the hour of death and who will then guide you through the funeral ritual as you would have wished. Ideally, this person should also be there for your loved ones during the mourning period.

What is important to you:

INDIVIDUALITY: More and more people have the need and desire to shape their dying process and the circumstances of death as individually as they have lived. Even at the end of their lives, they want to express who they were and what makes them who they are.

QUESTIONS: Death and the dying process are almost taboo in our society. Nevertheless, many of us have questions about it and want to be able to deal with it, reflect, discuss and contemplate. We are looking for a person who has already dealt with dying and death a lot and knows a lot about it, who helps us to understand better and yet does not restrict us or impose preconceived opinions or dogmas on us.

HEART MESSAGES: Especially when we are ill, our attention often automatically turns inwards and we ask ourselves questions about our lives and how we have lived. We become vulnerable and then we want someone who has time for us, who will listen to us and discuss with us everything that is still bothering us, what is still unresolved and what is on our minds. We want relief from what is still weighing us down or hurting us and a clarification of our issues.

COMPANION: Most of us do not want to die alone, but we long for a compassionate companion, for a hand to hold us and let go at the right moment, for a strong and safe spiritual presence to guide us into the afterlife.

What sets me apart in this job:

My diverse life experience as well as 30 years of experience in dealing with spiritual issues, spirit and psyche make me an empathetic, open and calm person. I convey the essence of spirituality and adapt my support to the needs and wishes of my clients.

The title of a "Lamo" characterizes me as a teacher of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. At the same time, I am also familiar with Christian culture and other spiritual traditions of the West. I combine the wisdom experiences of East and West.

During my long training, I was able to gain profound insights into our innermost nature/the divine. I have learned and experienced a lot about how our spirit works and how this affects the dying process. My knowledge of the dying process is profound.

Through years of practice as a psychological counselor and coach, I know how to accompany my clients with empathy, acceptance and congruence.

In many further training courses on yoga, pranayama and mediumship, I have deepened my skills in perception and in dealing with subtle energies. Knowledge of subtle processes is a great advantage when dealing with seriously ill people.


End-of-life care:
In principle, compensation of CHF 100 per hour applies here.

Preparation and support:
During the phase of discussing matters of the heart, questions and preparation for death with my client, I stay for 2 hours per visit so that the client is not overburdened.

During acute end-of-life care, a flat rate of CHF 400 applies
This includes support during the dying process and 2 hours for prayers, meditation and blessing rituals after death.

Travel by Uber or cab:
If it is not possible for me to travel to my client by public transport due to the circumstances - for example in the middle of the night or in a very urgent situation - I will take an Uber or cab. These costs will be charged separately.

Individual arrangement:
No one should have to die unaccompanied. If you have limited financial means, talk to me and we will make an arrangement together.

Funeral ritual:
For the funeral ritual I charge 5 - 7 hours, maximum 10 hours, CHF 140.- per hour.
This includes a conversation with the bereaved family in which we discuss the funeral arrangements, my preparation time for the ritual and the time for the funeral service itself.

Grief counseling:
The same approach applies to grief counseling as to psychological counseling:

Hours CHF
1 140.-
1.5 200.-
2 260.-