Current course:

sFr.: 30.-/lesson (80 min.)
sFr.: 300.- for 3 months unlimited

Hofraum Praxis
Gemeindestrasse 5
8032 Zurich

All yoga styles pursue the same goal: enlightenment.

Hatha yoga aims to achieve this goal by combining certain physical exercises, concentration and breathing. The result is well-being and relaxation as well as a high level of mindfulness, which is the basis for any (spiritual) realization.

Based on my many years of experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, I work on three levels in my yoga lessons:

Physical level

Here I support the yoga students (yogis and yoginis) to have better contact with their body through the exercises, to promote physical flexibility and to better perceive the interaction between mind and body.

Subtle level

Through conscious breathing and various breathing exercises (pranayama), I show yogis how they can create a bridge between body and mind and make contact with their subtle body.

The flow of energy in the subtle body is called prana. Directing prana is part of hatha yoga and helps us to activate our body's self-healing powers.

Spiritual level

Hatha yoga is basically a preparation for meditation. In my classes, I support the meditative aspects of mindfulness and relaxation in yoga, always include interesting facts about meditation and show different methods that are also practiced in class.

Place: Court room practice